It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

I was perusing the last-minute-purchase items while in line at Walgreens and was struck speechless by THIS:

Cheetos Lip Balm

Yes, apparently Cheetos flavored lip balm does exist.

And I would really like to have witnessed Frito-Lay’s “brand expansion” meeting when it was decided that lip balm would be their new venture. Hell, if it tastes good, why wouldn’t the kids want to smear it on their faces?

Maybe they thought that if the Cheetos aroma sat a mere inch away from your nose, you wouldn’t be able to resist running out and buying a fresh bag. Or maybe they thought it was cheaper and easier to make than Eau de Cheeto.

But whatever they were thinking, the truth of the matter is that the thought of a greasy, cheese-tasting salve makes me a little … ill.

So, the moral of the story is: there is such a thing as getting too far away from your original brand. Just because you rock at making snack foods, there’s absolutely no reason you should also try to rock at health and beauty aids.



2 Responses to “It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy”

  1. Zachary Barker Says:

    Brilliance! Your commentary that is… not the pending pursuit of a merger between Cheetos and Zinka.

  2. Dottie Says:

    Years ago, I read in some women’s magazine about a study that found the smell of Fritos helped people lose weight — they found it so disgusting that it made them lose their appetite. Maybe the same is true of Cheetos and this is a diet aid. Put it on the shelf at Wal-Mart!

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